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Pricings and packages


Handyman services/ interior and exterior painting

All Handyman work will have to be discussed on the phone or in person considering the job would have to be viewed through pictures or in person. Don't Worry its simple, Give us a call or text , send your pictures and we will send a quote. If a qoute is hard to give by picture, don't worry one of our highly trained professionals will come to you and give you a quote. We always respond within an hour of the initial contact. Don't worry do not let that problem worry you, instead throw it upon us and allow us to lessen the burden.

Our Handyman services:

  • Bathroom Renovation

  • Tile installation

  • Interior/ exterior Quality painting

  • Carpet installation

  • Plumbing

  • Drywall

  • Carpentry

  • Outside Kitchens

  • Inside kitchen repair etc.

  • Home Improvement

  • Tile Cleaning/ waxing

           Pressure Washing 


  This month's special- All small concrete driveways -  (start at 100$) additional charge for concrete sealer

  ALL one story homes-  (Depending on Dirt, Grime, Mold, Scrubbing etc.) ***PLEASE CALL FOR     DETAILS*** (Exterior window cleaning, debris clean up,and Gutter clean up.)


  **please call for Two story homes** (FREE ESTIMATES) 


Most Pool Deck cleaning and screen enclosure  (comes with small patio cleaning)(FREE


Please call for details on all commercial and or fleet accounts  Must be estimated for pricings.



Working Tools
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